Photos by Dillon Phommasa

feel the day

Heartfelt Wedding Films

Memories with loved ones are the most precious things in life. Having all your loved ones under one roof (or tent…or sky…or wherever you’re getting married!) is so special, and we treat it that way. We document and showcase the real, candid, and genuine moments throughout the day. And create films that make you feel and relive those memories all over again.

Meet your sony slingin’ video duo

We’re Natalie & Nick

In December of 2016, Nick was getting out of the Marine Corps and the world was our oyster. We had a plan to move across the country but we had this gut feeling that wasn’t the right decision. So, we canceled our move with a month notice, bought a van, built it out, and lived in it for 2.5 years while we chased our dream of filming & owning a business. Now, we travel all over filming weddings & creating films that are about you.

Meet Our Couples

Couple: Taylor & Eddie Location: Telluride, CO