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The last thing I want is for your wedding film to look staged & cheesy…literally nothing makes me cringe harder. You can think of our style as…genuine, candid, joyful memories with a cinematic touch. We’re more documentary by nature—the base of our films are real, meaningful moments (you laughing with your best friends, hugs with loved ones, your parents wiping away tears) but we also love getting to be creative and get those gorgeous portrait shots of you two that bring out your personality & vibe as a couple, so we can sprinkle those beautiful shots throughout the film to make it feel even more like you two.



Natalie grew up in a big family (one of six kids!) and gives that some of the credit as to why she’s as easy going, bubbly, and outgoing as she is. Being a part of such a large family has taught her how to read the room well—on wedding days she can be your hype girl at times and knows how to make you feel comfortable, but also knows when to stand back and give the space to allow moments to unfold in front of her. She’s also the boss of the biz and the one you’ll be emailing and talking with!

   Fun Facts: She’s traveled to 5 out of the 7 continents (only missing South America & Antarctica!) and always has her passport ready! She’s a enneagram 7 (the enthusiast) and has FOMO way too much.

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Nick is chill. Nick grew up in a very blended family and is as go-withthe-flow as it gets. He’s incredibly accepting, trusting and patient, and on wedding days he’s Natalie’s right hand man and makes sure everything technical is covered (drone, audio, numerous camera angles, gimbal, lighting) and is the best at making sure the day goes as smoothly as possible.

   Fun Facts: If he could, he’d eat pizza and burgers every single day. He’s a veteran (served five years in the Marine Corps infantry). His favorite place on earth is the Boundary Waters in Minnesota—a protected wilderness area that he would backpack with his family growing up. On a relaxing night, you can find him with his signature drink in hand: straight bourbon.

Fun Facts


We’re dog-parents.

We have the cutest little weiner dog named Peaches. We’re obsessed with her and love her.


We started our biz while living in a van.

Which we lived and traveled in for 2½ years! We still have the van and will spend weeks at a time traveling. (Bonus fun fact: we were originally called “Wander On Studios” named after our van life adventure!)


Our name is a tribute to Natalie’s family.

In the 50s, my great-granddad had a furniture store called Bergfalk Furniture Co. (Check out the photo of their hand drawn logo…which our current logo was inspired by!) Creating and being an entrepreneur is something that has been a piece of my family’s legacy, and it means so much to continue it with our business now!


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Couple: Jacqueline & Matt Location: Alexandria, MN

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