Military Homecomings

Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.
— Humphry Davy

So often we document the really big moments, like our wedding-- but what all those little, everyday moments that make up our lives and relationships?
I'm a big believer that those little moments should be celebrated JUST as much as the big ones. 
So seriously--bring us along to your beach date with your main squeeze, to your family picnic at the park, or have us over at your home and let us capture all that day-to-day goodness. 

Prices range from $300-$600

Military Homecomings

We currently film military homecomings in Southern California.
We recommend booking us for your loved ones military homecoming a few months before they come home and/or when you have at least a one week window date range for their homecoming.

Homecoming videography ranges from $450-$550 depending on what final films you’re wanting.

-You let us know the date range of your military members homecoming, along with his unit (that way we can be sure to block off the dates & not accept any other homecomings from the same unit).
-To be offically booked & for us to block off our calendar, we require a signed contract & $200 nonrefundable retainer (and yes, that $200 goes towards the total cost).
-Then we stay in touch & you let us know whenever you find out specific dates or details.

Please keep in mind:
We really believe that when booking for homecomings, it’s important to choose between having either a professional videographer OR photographer—not both. Homecomings are oftentimes extremely crowed and it’s important that we are able to move around to guarantee we are getting the shot—and having both a photo & video team will make that difficult, and we most likely will be getting in each others way/shots. (Also that way you don’t have a bunch of people around you with cameras during this special, intimate moment)

But of course I want you to have photos of your loved ones homecoming!! :) So we will also take some pictures of you two and/or give you screenshots from the video! Just please remember we are first and foremost professional VIDEOgraphers, so these won’t be the same exact quality as hiring a professional photographer—but you will have it documented & have photos. :) We also send you the photos the same exact day/night so you get them super fast—like normally we literally edit them & then text them to you once we’re in our car after filming. <3