I’m Natalie!

I’m so freakin’ stoked you’re here! I absolutely love what I do and feel so grateful that you’ve taken the time to check out our work.

Fun facts about me:

-      I met my husband, Nick, when I was 15

-      I was born and raised in Minnesota, but I’ve traveled and lived all over: California, Spain, Washington, Morocco—just to name a few. :) The only two continents I’ve never traveled to are South America & Antarctica and I’m planning on making that happen in the next few years!

-      Nick is my best friend, co-editor, and trusty second-shooter

-      I’m an enneagram type 7 (the enthusiast!)

-      I’m just as happy sitting around a bonfire under the stars as I am at a speakeasy in the city

-      I’m a mom to Peaches, our adorable Dachshund

-      We live in a van (but like, in a classy way)

van down by the river.gif

No really, we live in a van full time (I couldn’t resist the gif). 2 years ago, Nick, Peaches and I moved into a Chevy Express that Nick built out himself, and we absolutely love it. While we originally made the move simply to spend more time together and travel more after Nick’s enlistment with the Marine Corps ended, our new lifestyle allowed us to discover our passion for filmmaking and a type of freedom we had never experienced before.

I feel so incredibly lucky that this is our life, and immensely proud of the business we’ve built. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, and I love that I’m continuing the family legacy.

I believe that video is one of the most powerful things you can create. Time and memories go by so fast, and I love that I get to document both the big and little moments to help someone remember their best day.

Want to get us even more?? 
Below is a fun little video our friends made of us. :)